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FishBase Sweden

Sven Kullander and Michael Norén collecting fish in Myanmar. Photo: Michael Norén

Sven Kullander and Michael Norén collecting fish in Myanmar. Photo: Michael Norén


FishBase is the world’s largest encyclopedia about fish, freely available on the web, started in 1988. FishBase goals are to disseminate published, curated, information about fish; to act as a long-term repository for information about fish; to be a platform for fish and fisheries research and education; and to be a free and easily available information and analysis tool, with special emphasis on the needs of users in developing countries. FishBase is a consortium comprising 11 member organizations, and it’s main office is in Los Baños, the Philippines. The Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, is the Swedish member of the consortium.

Projekt Participants at NRM

Sven Kullander (Project leader)

Michael Noren (Curator)

Andrea Hennyey (Senior assistant)

Ann-Katrin Gustafsson (Junior Administrative Officer)

External Projekt Participants

The FishBase consortium are: WorldFish; Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations; GEOMAR; Sea Around Us; Muséum Nationa d’Histoire Naturelle; Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren; Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; Chinese Academy of Fishery Science; Universidade Federal de Sergipe; Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel; University of British Columbia.


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Delling, B., Noren, M,. Kullander, S.O., González, J.A. (2011)Taxonomic review of the genus Trisopterus (Teleostei: Gadidae) with recognition of the capelan Trisopterus capelanus as a valid species. Journal of fish biology 79(5), 1236-60.