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Department of Zoology

The department is the museum´s center for research and education about zoological systematics and biology.

The zoological collections managed by the department are the basis for that research, and are used by scientists both in-house and internationally.

Our research

At the department of Zoology we conduct research on the diversity and development of the animal kingdom. Research which would not be possible without our available equipment.


The zoological collections are large, and vary in size from whale skeletons to tiny flies and microscopic nematodes. Read more about our collections.


Specimens are regularly sent on loan all over the world.


Information on the collection objects is found in our databases and species lists


You find the latest publications which have been published at the department. You can also search for earlier publications.


The department has a library and archive of historical documents such as field diaries and logbooks from former collection trips.

Contact information

Head of department

Kjell Arne Johanson

Assistant Head of department

Lena Gustavsson


Ann-Katrin Gustafsson


Tobias Malm

Staff directory

Staff at The Department of Zoology

Staff search

Postal address

Swedish Museum of Natural History
Department of Zoology
P. O. Box 50007
SE-104 05 Stockholm, Sweden

Visiting address
Frescativägen 40, Stockholm

+46-8 51954212 (vertebrates)
+46-8-51954125 (invertebrates)
+46-8-51954099 (entomology)