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Kjell Arne Johanson

Professor, Head of department


Phone:+46 (0)8 519 540 88
E-mail: kjell.arne.johanson@nrm.se

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MSc. University of Bergen, 1991

PhD. University of Bergen, 1997


I have a general responsibility regarding desicions about research and collection care in the department. I also am responsible for staff, economy and the physical/psychosocial work environment. This includes budgeting, planning and monitoring of the department activity.

Research Interests

The main research focus is in the field of diversity of caddisflies, particularly related to their distribution pattern, evolution and classification. The research is strongly collection based and is dependent on borrowed material from other museums as well as from old fieldwork around the world to my own research and for building up museum collections with fresh material. I also established a strong collaboration with researchers from the national natural history museum in Vietnam about diversity of Vietnamese caddisflies, and I am now in the process of building up collaboration with researchers in Rwanda about biodiversity research. In addition to the international profile much time is invested in increasing the knowledge on the diversity of caddisflies in Sweden, and I aim at mapping distribution patterns for the species as well as publishing a book on the Swedish species.

Other professional roles

Supervision of master and PhD students

Refereeing research applications for various research councils (The Research Council of Norway, The Swedish Species Information Centre, The Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre, Austrian Science Foundation, National Science Foundation, EU Synthesys, Danish Council for Independent Research)