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Our objects are partly registered in databases. The rest are listed in handwritten catalogues, or completely uncatalogued.

In the 1980s the first collection databases were created to improve access to the collections. In the beginning, computers had limited capacity and only limited information about the collection objects could be registered. As hard- and software improved, more advanced database systems were developed.

Different databases

Today, the Department of Zoology uses various databases for large parts of the collections, most developed in-house, using Filemaker Pro and Microsoft Access, and in addition the externally developed program Specify. Currently, Specify is being modified to better suit our needs and all existing databases are being migrated to Specify. This is part of the DINA project, run by the department of bioinformatics and genetics. The ultimate goal is to make all collections accessible to the public through the Internet.

The databases hold so far (2015) data on about 20% of the zoological collections. Digitization is time consuming and although about 20,000 new records are entered yearly, it will take many years to complete the task. The databases presented on these pages are therefore far from complete. The department staff is happy to assist with data on collection objects that have not been digitized yet.

Species lists

Until the databases have been completed we offer lists of species that are represented in the collections and for some groups lists of type material. There are also checklists of species which occur in Sweden.

Our databases

Search the fish collection databaseexternal link

Search the database of amphibians and reptilesexternal link

Search the Linné collection databaseexternal link

The contents of the databases of mammals and invertebrate collections are published through GBIF.external link

Insects, spiders and millipedes can be found on Naturarvexternal link, the portal for all Specify databases at the museum.


Fishbaseexternal link is an international project which runs a database with information on all the fish species of the world. Visit Fishbase Sweden external linkonline for further information.