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Catalogues and species lists

In our catalogues, species lists and check lists, information on material not yet databased is found.

Large parts of the zoological collections are registered in handwritten catalogues. These old paper catalogues are sorted systematically or by catalogue number, which limits the search options considerably.

Some parts are completely uncatalogued. Information about parts of the uncatalogued material is found in species lists.

Collection species lists

HymenopteraExcel (Excel file)

Coleopteraexternal link

DipteraPDF (pdf)

EphemeropteraPDF (pdf)

Hemipteraexternal link

MecopteraPDF (pdf)

NeuropteraPDF (pdf)

OdonataPDF (pdf)

OrthopteraPDF (pdf)

PlecopteraPDF (pdf)

PsocopteraPDF (pdf)

TrichopteraPDF (pdf)

Types in our collections

Types of AsteroideaPDF (pdf)

Types  of OphiuroideaPDF (pdf)

Authors of invertebrate typesPDF (pdf)

Types of birds

Swedish species check lists

Swedish ClitellataPDF (pdf)

Swedish NematodaPDF (pdf)

Swedish spidersexternal link

Swedish TardigradaPDF (pdf)

Catalogus Lepidopterorum Sueciae butterfly species listed per province

World species lists

Cichlid namesexternal link


Around 20 percent of our collections are in our databases.