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About the Natural History Museum

The Swedish Museum of Natural History is a government agency that reports to the Ministry of Culture.

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Our task is to promote interest in, and knowledge and research on, the origins and development of the universe and Earth, on the plant and animal worlds and on the biology and natural environment of human beings.

Fantastic nature
Nature is fantastic and rich, but in its places also threatened. We want everyone, young and old, expert as a novice, to learn more about nature, see it in a larger context and respect its place in it.

Our vision is to advance our knowledge of the natural world, inspiring better care of our planet. We want to be a centre of knowledge and a thriving meeting place for the general public and experts alike.

About the museum
The Natural History Museum is Sweden's largest museum.
We discover new species and fossils of their predecessors in evolution.

  • We care for and make available 10 million items in our collections.
  • We try to detect environmental toxins before they hit you.
  • We make daily pollen forecasts for allergy sufferers.
  • Every year, our on-call researchers answer thousands of questions.
  • Experiences at the exhibition Climate.

State agency
The Natural History Museum is a government agency. A gear in society's machinery. We want to increase our knowledge of nature and inspire responsibility for our world. Therefore, we research and disseminate knowledge and experiences. When it leads to both fascination and a lifelong commitment, then we have succeeded.

Research Institution
The Natural History Museum is a world-class research institution and results from nearly 300 years of research trips and collection. We research the species' relationship and evolution, the evolution of the globe, environmental toxins and how humans affect nature.

Ten permanent exhibitions are enough for many hours of experience. There is also Cosmonova, the dome cinema with films in the world's largest film format, IMAX.