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Co-operation Partners

Riksmusei vänner support organisation

The Swedish Museum of Natural History has had a supporters' organisation Riksmusei vännerexternal link ("Friends of the National Museum") since 1925. The purpose of the organsation is to support the Swedish Museum of Natural History financially and to "work for its benefit".

Today, the organsiation work actively to support the Museum's activities by awarding grants to persons working at the Museum and helping with the purchase of exhibition articles and research equipment. The members are invited to meetings with lectures and showings at the Museum, and to take part in outings and tours.


NAMSA, a co-operation organisation of Swedish Museums of Natural History, was founded in 1989, and besides Museums of Natural History, also covers zoological and botanical gardens.

NAMSA works in general to ensure that natural history is given reasonable space in the country's museums and similar institutions. The issues of co-operation concern matters of common interest such as principles of conservation, care and protection for collections etc.


PRE-MAL is a working group active since 1984 in research, training, consulting and information on pest control in museums, archives and libraries. Its overall aim is to develop and spread knowledge on effective and environmentally-sustainable methods for the preservation of collections based on IPM (Integrated Pest Management).

The ten members of the group represent different institutions throughout Sweden and a range of disciplines from conservation to occupational health to entomology.

In Sweden, the working group PRE-MAL is led by the Swedish National Heritage Board.

raa.se/pre-malexternal link (information in Swedish).


We often co-operate with companies which share our vision. A vision to improve our living environment, both for present and future generations. We place high demands on those with whom we co-operate. The foremost requirement is that the company has an ambition and the will to work with environmental issues, both within its own organisation and externally in society in general.

More information about the forms of co-operation can be provided by Catharina.Hammarskiold@nrm.se