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About our website

The Museum´s website is best displayed using a modern browser such as recent versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera or Safari.

This website has a responsive design, and will adapt to the device you use when surfing to it. It is designed for easy access by most people. If you find the text too small or too large, you can easily adjust it by using your browser´s built-in text-size function.

In most browsers, you can alter the size of the text simply by holding down the Ctrl key and turning the mouse wheel. You will otherwise find the text-size function in one of the browser menus.


You can print files from our website using the website´s built-in print function. You´ll find this to the far right at the bottom of the page.

Downloading files

To open a file, click on the link. To save a file: right-click on the link with the mouse and choose “Save as". Give the file a name and choose where you wish to save it. The file formats used at nrm.se are PDF, Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

To open PDF files, you´ll need Acrobat Reader. You can download Acrobat Readerexternal link free of charge from Adobe´s website.

You may use the text and images from the website nrm.se for private use. Please indicate the source of Swedish Museum of Natural History. In cases where the author, photographer or illustrator mentioned on the page, enter also, and ask for the person's consent.

For other use, in print or digital media, you must have the Swedish Museum of Natural History's approval. E-mail your request including the link to the image or page in question to the webmaster:


Personal particulars


Cookies are small text files that are automatically installed by a website on visitors' computers.

The museum websites uses session cookies for, among other things, functions that require the visitor to log in. If you do not log in, you do not need to have cookies turned on in your browser for the site to function properly.

More about cookies

Subscription data

Personal information collected in connection with subscription services is saved in a subscriber register, but is not used for any other purpose. To change an address or remove personal information, contact the Swedish Museum of Natural History via webmaster:


Right of disclosure

Website visitors have the right to demand all personal information concerning them which is used or kept by the Swedish Museum of Natural History. If you would like to know whether or not we have such information about you, send a signed written request to the postal address noted.

Please see Contact

For more information concerning your rights under the relevant Swedish law (Personuppgiftslagen):

www.imy.seexternal link, opens in new window

Public access

As the Swedish Museum of Natural History is an agency of the national government, all messages sent to us are public records and openly available to anyone upon request.

Comments and suggestions

We work constantly to improve the museum website. Comments and suggestions are very welcome, and may be addressed via e-mail to webbredaktionen.