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T-bana: Universitetet
Frescativägen 40

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Tisdag–fredag 11–17
Lördag–söndag 10–18

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More than half of museum visitors are children and young people who come with their families or school groups. Such visits are important for developing future interest in and efforts to preserve nature and its diversity.

Museum teacher in an exhibition. Photo: Lennart Ström, MU

Teaching resources (in Swedish)

Exhibition tours and programs for school groups are offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Both online and at the museum.

Teacher training events are offered several times during the schoolyear. Visit www.nrm.se/fortbildning to find out more.

You find free material for your lessons in the classroom at www.nrm.se/dlr.

Can we book a tour in English?

No, all the school programs and exhibition tours are given in Swedish.