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Staff and contacts

Both researchers, collection assistants and curators work at the Department of Zoology.



Department of Zoology
Swedish Museum of Natural History
P.O. Box 50007
SE-104 05 Stockholm


Swedish Museum of Natural History
Reference 2204
FE 07
SE-838 73 FRÖSÖN

Contact persons

E–mail address is written as firstname.surname@nrm.se

Head of Department

Kjell Arne Johanson, 08-5195 4088

Assistant Head of department

Lena Gustavsson, 08-5195 5160


Ann-Katrin Gustafsson, 08-5195 4102


Tobias Malm, 08-5195 4124


Niklas Apelqvist Curator. Insect collection, Swedish Coleoptera, contact person for amateur entomologists. Wet collection coordinator

Johannes Bergsten Senior curator. Research on phylogeny and systematics of beetles (Coleoptera) Special interest in the aquatic beetle fauna of Madagascar.

Yngve Brodin Curator. Diptera collections, research Chironomidae (Diptera, Insecta), pest insects

Bo Delling Curator. Collection management, collection care fish, fish research, in charge of wet collection and X-ray facilities

Mattias Forshage Senior assistant. Collection care, mainly  type specimens and cnidarians. History of our collections.

Malin Fridström Senior assistant. Birds and mammals.

Ann-Katrin Gustafsson Secretary, financial administration

Lena Gustavsson Senior curator. Responsible for TEM, slide and Annelida collections, research on Clitellata

Andrea Hennyey Senior assistant. Fishbase administrator.

Oleksandr Holovachov Senior curator. Taxonomy and distribution of free-living nematodes of the order Plectida in Sweden

Ulf Jondelius Professor. Research on Platyhelminthes

Ulf Johansson Curator. Research on bird evolution and biogeography. Responsible for bird collection. Teaching in bird systematics and evolution.

Kjell Arne Johanson Professor. Head of department, research on Trichoptera

Daniela Kalthoff Curator. Scientifically responsible for mammal collection. Research on extant and fossil mammals, teaching

Baharan Kazemi Senior assistant. Birds and mammals.

Sven Kullander Senior curator. Scientifically responsible for fish and herptile collections, FishBase, fish research, teaching

Gunvi Lindberg Senior assistant. Collection care of Hemiptera and slide collection (Acari, Insecta).

Tobias Malm Collection manager. General collection care. Curation of Lepidoptera and Trichoptera collections

Peter Mortensen Curator. Collection care mammals and birds

Peter Nilsson Senior assistant. Preparation and collection care birds and mammals

Michael Norén Curator. Phylogenetic analyses, fish taxonomy, administrates the Swedish FishBase web server

Anna Persson Senior assistant. Collection care Mollusca, birds and mammals. Preparation of birds and mammals. Web editor.

Julia Stigenberg Senior assistant. Research on Braconidae, Euphorinae, phylogenetic analyses, taxonomy, morphology, teaching

Jonas Strandberg Senior assistant, entomology

Sabine Stöhr Senior curator. Research on brittle stars, administration of databases, responsible for echinoderm collections

Carina Svensson Laboratory assistant. TEM and histological preparation

Hege Vårdal Curator. Collection care on Hymenoptera, teaching, Hymenoptera research

Erik Åhlander Senior assistant. Fish and herptile collections, history of our collections.

Students, PhD students, postdocs

Sarah Atherton Research on Xenacoelomorpha

Emma Wahlberg Scandinavian flies (Diptera: Empidoidea).

Mohammed Ahmed Postdoc. Research on nematodes



Sven Boströmexternal link Research on roundworms (nematodes), slide collection of invertebrates

Christian Bäckstam Research on Arachnida

Bo Fernholm Research on hagfish (Myxinidae). Krill and fish around Antarctica. Whales.

Julio Ferrer Research on darkling beetles (Tenebrionidae)

Olavi Grönwall Mammal skeleton collection

Bert Gustafsson Research and collection care on butterflies and moths (Lepidoptera)

Torbjörn Kronestedt Research on Arachnida

Björn Sohlenius Soil ecology; Biology and faunistics of round worms (Nematoda) and water bears (Tardigrada).

Anders Warén Research on Mollusca, assistance with invertebrate collections