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The Department of Geosciences does research within the subject areas of mineralogy and isotope geology, and is responsible for the mineral collections of the museum.


Our mineralogical research deals with the occurrence, formation and properties of minerals and their role in geological processes. We also carry out research both in bedrock geology and geochronology and in low-temperature isotope geochemistry. Read more under Our research.


We are also responsible for the upkeep and documentation of our mineral collections and for making them accessible to the research community and the general public. Identification service is offered to the public depending on time available. Commissions from authorities and the industry are also carried out. More information under Collections and databases.

Access or loans

Access or loans from the collections are granted to Swedish and foreign researchers as well as interested amateur researchers. Please contact Jörgen Langhofexternal link.

Instruments and equipment

Our highly specialized isotope laboratories and instruments are the only ones of their kind in Sweden and serve as a national facility. For more information, see Instruments and equipment.

Also located at the department is the Nordic ion microprobe facility NORDSIM and Vegacenter, a center for microanalysis.


Head of Department

Ellen Kooijman

Deputy head of department

Dan Holtstam


Leena Paulin

Collection manager

Dan Holtstam

Head of the NordSIMS laboratory

Martin Whitehouse

Head of the Vegacenter laboratory

Chris Mark

Staff directory

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Department of Geosciences
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Svante Ahrenius väg 3
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Visiting address (main entrance of the museum)

Frescativägen 40

Phone (secretary)

+46-8-519 540 32