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Our Research

Research in the Department of Geosciences can be divided into three subject areas: Mineralogy,  Bedrock geology and geochro-nology, and Low-temperature isotope geo-chemistry.

Mineralogical research

Our mineralogical research deals with the occurrence, formation and properties of minerals and their role in geological processes. This research to a large degree is connected to our large mineral collection. Some of the mineralogical research is also concerned with description and characterization of newly discovered minerals.

Bedrock geology and geochronology

Research both in bedrock geology and geochronology and in low-temperature isotope geochemistry is focused on studies of naturally occurring radiogenic isotopes and their variations in different materials (rocks, minerals, soils, water, sediments) with the help of advanced analytical equipment such as mass spectrometers.

In bedrock geology and geochronology we use isotope measurements to determine the age and origin of rocks and ore deposits, in order to understand the evolution of the crust and planet Earth as a whole. Investigations of meteorites and Moon samples shed light on the formation and early evolution of our planetary system.

​Low-temperature isotope geochemistry

In low-temperature isotope geochemistry the focus is on the circulation of different elements between different reservoirs (bedrock, soil, rivers, oceans, sediments…), and how this circulation is affected by changes in environment and climate.

Research projects: