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Staff and contact

We are about thirty persons, including Ph.D.-students, post-docs and guest researchers. The permanent staff consists of researchers as well as technical and administrative staff.

Addresses and telephone

Mailing address

Department of Geosciences
Swedish Museum of Natural History
Box 50 007
SE-104 05 Stockholm

Billing Address

Naturhistoriska riksmuseet
Referens 2214
FE 7727

Delivery address

Svante Arrhenius väg 3
SE-114 18 Stockholm

Visiting address (main entrance of the museum)

Frescativägen 40

Telephone (secretary)

+46-8-519 540 32


Permanent staff

Dan Holtstam, Researcher, Deputy head of Department, Senior curator and Collection manager
Collection work, administrative tasks and research in mineralogy
Phone +46-8-5195 4234
E-mail dan.holtstam@nrm.se

Heejin Jeon, Research engineer
Technical maintenance, user support and method development at NordSIMS
Phone +46-8-5195 4090
E-mail heejin.jeon@nrm.se

Andreas Karlsson, Curator
Mineral collection and database, handling of loans, XRD, Raman spectroscopy and SEM-EDS analysis.
Phone +46-8-5195 4280
E-mail andreas.karlsson@nrm.se

Melanie Kielman-Schmitt, Research engineer
Technical maintenance, method development and user support at the Vegacenter national laboratory
Phone +46-8-5195 4168
E-mail melanie.kielman@nrm.se

Ellen Kooijman, Head of Department and Director of NordSIMS-Vegacenter. Research in isotope geology and bedrock geology
Phone +46-8-5195 4226
E-mail ellen.kooijman@nrm.se

Jörgen Langhof, Curator
Mineral collection and database, handling of loans
Phone +46-8-5195 4076
E-mail jorgen.langhof@nrm.se

Kerstin Lindén, Laboratory technician at NordSIMS
Preparation of samples and assistance to visitors at NordSIMS
Phone +46-8-5195 5168
E-mail kerstin.linden@nrm.se

Chris Mark, Senior Researcher, Manager of the Vegacenter
Research in isotope geology, technical and administrative tasks at the Vegacenter
Phone +46-8-5195 4119
E-mail chris.mark@nrm.se

Leena Paulin, Secretary
Administration and economy at the Department of Geosciences
Phone +46-8-5195 4032
E-mail leena.paulin@nrm.se

Torsten Persson, Research engineer
Responsible for mass spectrometers and other technical equipment
Phone +46-8-5195 4058
E-mail torsten.persson@nrm.se

Henrik Skogby, Professor, Research in mineralogy
Phone +46-8-5195 4043
E-mail henrik.skogby@nrm.se

Karin Wallner, Laboratory technician
Chemical preparation of samples for isotope analysis
Phone +46-8-5195 4075
E-mail karin.wallner@nrm.se

Martin Whitehouse, Professor, Manager of NordSIMS
Research in isotope geology and bedrock geology, lunar and planetary science
Phone +46-8-5195 5169
E-mail martin.whitehouse@nrm.se

Post-docs and other non-permanent researchers

Gavin Kenny, Researcher
Research in isotope geology
Phone +46-8-5195 4009
E-mail gavin.kenny@nrm.se

Bogdana Radu, Post-doctoral researcher
Research in mineralogy
E-mail bogdana.radu@nrm.se

Cécile Deligny, Post-doctoral researcher
Research in isotope geology
E-mail cécile.deligny@nrm.se


Roland Neofituexternal link, opens in new window, Doktorand från University College Dublin, Ireland
Research in isotope geology
E-mail roland.neofitu@ucdconnect.ie

Guest researchers

Matthijs Smitexternal link, opens in new window, Associate Professor in applied geochemistry at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
Research in isotope geology
E-mail msmit@eoas.ubc.ca

Andreas Petersson, Post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Geology, Copenhagen University, Denmark
Research in isotope geology
E-mail ape@ign.ku.dk

Evgenia Salinexternal link, Researcher at Åbo Akademi, Finland
Research in isotope geology
E-mail evgenia.salin@abo.fi

Emeriti and associated researchers

Kjell Billström, Associated researcher (retired)
Research in isotope geology, bedrock geology and ore geology
E-mail kjell.billstrom@nrm.se

Stefan Claesson, Professor emeritus in isotope geology
Research in isotope geology and bedrock geology 
E-mail stefan.claesson@nrm.se

Ulf Hålenius, Professor emeritus in mineralogy
Research in mineralogy
E-mail ulf.halenius@nrm.se

Åke Johansson, Associated researcher (retired)
Research in isotope geology and bedrock geology,
popular science activities in geology
E-mail ake.johansson@nrm.se