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The Nordsim-laboratory is located in the Department of Geosciences at the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm. Formerly a joint Nordic facility, since 2018 Nordsim is part of the Swedish Research Council funded Nordsim-Vegacenter microanalytical and microimaging infrastructure.

The Nordsim laboratory is based around a CAMECA ims1280 ion microprobe, an advanced high-sensitivity mass spectrometer which uses a focused beam of ions to sample in situ selected micrometer sized areas of a sample for measurement of isotopic and elemental composition of both positive and negative ions. The instrument is used for a broad range of topics, including geochronology and cosmochemistry, geobiology, ecology and nuclear safeguards.


Spot or rastered ion image analyses are possible. Currently available methods include:

  • Highest spatial/volume resolution U-Th-Pb geochronology of zircon, monazite, titanite
  • Pb isotope ratio determination in silicates
  • Trace element determination in silicates, phosphates and carbonates
  • Boron isotopes analysis of silicate glasses, tourmaline
  • Oxygen and silicon isotope analysis in zircon, quartz and other silicates
  • Oxygen and carbon isotope analysis in carbonates
  • Halogen concentration and stable Cl isotope measurements in phosphates/glasses
  • Quadruple sulphur isotope analysis

Other analytical methods may exist or can be developed collaboratively


Your application must comprise the following three items:

1) Application form. Please fill in the pdf fields, sign and save as a
pdf with an unambiguous name. Note that the form can be signed digitally in Adobe Acrobat.

2) Project description. This should accompany your application form and consist of a maximum of 2 pages of A4 (using a 12 pt. font), including figures. Preferably save this as a pdf file.

3) User information form (Excel). We are now required by the research council to report institution and gender data on users of the
infrastructure. This information is for statistical use only and data
should not be linked to any named person on the application form.
Please complete the “NEW PROJECTS”) form. If you have been granted infrastructure access for any of the years 2018 to 2020 inclusive, please also fill in one or more of the “EXISTING PROJECTS” pages as appropriate.Save your form as an Excel file and send together with the application.

2021 proposal callPDF

Application form PDF

User information formExcel


Head of the Nordsim laboratory
Martin Whitehouse
Phone +46-8-5195 5169
E-mail: martin.whitehouse@nrm.se


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