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Bioinformatics and Genetics

We use information technology and genetics to contribute to the knowledge of biological diversity, the natural environment, and the planet we live on.

We are currently updating our site. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact the department's secretary Anna-Lena Löfberg.

The department was formed in 2013 and brings together museum activities in informatics and genetics. We conduct research and development in these areas, and operatemajor national and international infrastructures. The department is divided into three groups: bioinformatics, DNA laboratory and research.


We help scientists, policy makers and the general public to gather, process and analyse data about the Earth and its living environments. We host the Swedish node of GBIFexternal link, the world's largest source of information on biodiversity.

We are also responsible for Naturforskarenexternal link, information on animals and plants, Naturarvexternal link, portal to Swedish natural history collections, and The Swedish DNA keyexternal link, gene-based species identification.

DNA laboratory

We help researchers sequence the DNA of animals and plants, and to analyse the genetic information that results. This can involve reconstructing evolution over long time periods or inferring short-termprocesses at the species level.

Genetic data can also be used for species identification and ecological studies, see Centre for Genetic Identification (not yet available in English). We have access to modern laboratories equipped for many types of analyses.


We study genetic diversity within and between species, and how different organisms are related based on DNA analyses of living and fossil specimens. The analyses help us understand how different species evolve and how they are affected by environmental changes, such as climate change and human activities.

We also develop statistical methods for evolutionary analyses. Our programs, MrBayes and RevBayes, are widely used in biological and medical research.


Head of Department

Fredrik Ronquist
Phone: 08-5195 4094
E-mail: fredrik.ronquist@nrm.se

Anders Telenius
Phone: 08-5195 5129
E-mail: anders.telenius@nrm.se

Pia Eldenäs, Deputy Head of Department
Phone: 08-5195 5143
E-mail: pia.eldenas@nrm.se

Department Administrator

Anna-Lena Löfberg
Phone: 08-5195 4139
E-mail: anna-lena.lofberg@nrm.se

Group Leader, Bioinformatics

Anders Telenius
Phone: 08-5195 5129
E-mail: anders.telenius@nrm.se

Group Leader, DNA Laboratory

Martin Irestedt
Phone: 08-5195 4059
E-mail: martin.irestedt@nrm.se

Group Leader, Research

Love Dalén
Phone: 08-5195 4281
E-mail: love.dalen@nrm.se

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