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Staff and Contact

At the Department for Bioinformatics and Genetics you will find researchers, collection keepers and curators. We have our offices in the KÖL building, directly south of the Museum and in the Cosmonova wing in the Museum proper.

We are currently updating our site. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact the department's secretary ing-marie.nilsson@nrm.se

Addresses, telephone and fax

Postal address

Box 50007
104 05 Stockholm


Svante Ahrenius väg 3
114 18 Stockholm


Frescativägen 48

Telephone (Secretary)

08-5195 5162


08-5195 4085



Anders Telenius, Head of Department, Manager GBIF

Andreia Miraldoexternal link, Project Leader Insect Biome Atlas

Anna-Lena Löfbergexternal link, Departmental Secretary (Leave of absence)

Bodil Cronholm, Principal Assistant

Erik Ersmark, Principal Assistant

Fredrik Ronquist, Professor

Ida Li, Database Developer

Ingimar Erlingsson, Web Developer

Ing-Marie Nilssonexternal link, Secretary

Johan Nylander, Bioinformatician

Kevin Holston, Curator

Lisa Sundström, Administrative Officer

Love Dalén, Professor

Manash Shah, Database Developer

Markus Englund, Administrative Officer

Martin Irestedt, Laboratory Engineer and Director of the DNA-lab

Paulina Viteriexternal link, Principal Assistant

Per Ericsonexternal link, Professor

Rasa Bukontaiteexternal link, Principal Assistant

Rodrigo Esparza-Salas, Curator (Leave of absence)

Veronica Nyström Edmark, Principal Assistant

Veronika Johansson, Project assistant and data manager for GBIF-Sweden

Postdocs, Geust Researchers

Allison Hsiang, Postdoc

David Diez, Postdoc

Elzbieta Iwaszkiewicz-Eggebrechtexternal link, Postdoc

Mozes Blom, Postdoc

Nicolas Dussex, Postdoc

Ryan Schmidtexternal link, Guest Researcher

Viktor Senderovexternal link, Postdoc

Yanhua Quexternal link, Postdoc