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Genetic characterization of freshwater fishes in Bangladesh using DNA barcodes


The purpose of the present project is to (1) establish a genetic characterization of Bangladesh’s freshwater fish fauna in the form of a DNA barcode library composed of standardized well identified mitochondrial COI sequences; (2) establish a stable taxonomic nomenclature with Bangladeshi barcode voucher species through taxonomic revision; (3) test the barcode data in a metagenomic (eDNA) study to discover the presence in situ of rare species according to the national red list. The research entails examination of preserved DNA samples already vouchered and field work to improve on the geographical and systematic coverage, as well as resolution of common problems such as hybridization and lack of genetic differentiation between related species. An important aspect for the taxonomic assessment is comparison with samples from neighboring areas using collections or expertise at NRM to delimit species. The ultimate goal is to have identification tools based on both morphology and DNA for use in fishery, conservation, environmental monitoring, and the ornamental fish and food industry; and a platform for further analysis of the biogeography of the still largely unexplored inland waters of Bangladesh, in relation to the better known faunas of adjacent India and Myanmar.

This research is funded by the Swedish Research Council

Projekt Participants at NRM

Sven Kullander (Principal Investigator)

Michael Norén (researcher)

External Projekt Participants

Department of Zoology, University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Kullander, S. O., Rahman, M. M., Norén, M. & Mollah, A. R. (2015). Danio annulosus, a new species of chain Danio from the Shuvolong Falls in Bangladesh (Teleostei: Cyprinidae: Danioninae). Zootaxa, 3994: 53-68.

Kullander, S. O., Rahman, M. M., Norén, M. & Mollah, A. R. (2015). Why is Pseudosphromenus cupanus (Teleostei: Osphronemidae) reported from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Pakistan? Zootaxa, 3990: 575-583.

Rahman, M.M., Mollah, A. R., Norén, M. & Kullander, S. O. (2016). Garra mini, a new small species of rheophilic cyprinid fish (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) from southeastern hilly areas of Bangladesh. Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters, 27: 173–180.