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The Lost Clades – Extinct Bennettitales and Nilssoniales as a Key to Understanding the Origin and Evolution of Gymnosperms and Angiosperms


This project aims to understand the evolutionary history of the diverse, but poorly understood, complex of Mesozoic plants traditionally called “cycadophytes” and to clarify their potential as palaeoenvironmental and palaeoclimatic markers for the Mesozoic.

The study will be based on extensive museum collections of well-preserved leaves and reproductive organs supplimented by new field collections.

It will involve reconstruction of whole-plant-taxa that should serve as natural units for improved phylogenetic analyses, evaluation of the temporal and spatial diversity and diversification of cycadophytes to reveal evolutionary patterns in fertile and sterile structures (seed cones, ‘flowers’, foliage), and assessment of cuticular and anatomical adaptations that may be useful for interpreting local environmental to regional climatic conditions for these plants during the Mesozoic.

The major focus of the project will be on two enigmatic groups of extinct cycadophytes, i.e. the Bennettitales and the Nilssoniales.

This research is funded by the Swedish Research Council (VR)

External Project Participants

LWL-Museum für Naturkunde, Münster, Germany 

University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL, USA

Nanjing University, Nanjing, China

University Münster, Germany

Bavarian State Collections, Munich, Germany

University Bremen, Germany

Nature Museum Ibaraki, Japan

Naturalis Leiden and University of Utrecht, The Netherlands

Selected Publications

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