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Our Research

Our research focuses on the evolution of life, from the first unicellular microbes and plankton that contributed oxygen to Earth's early atmosphere to the origin of humans and our ecological footprint on the environment.

We employ interdisciplinary approaches, such as paleontology, sedimentology and biogeochemistry to resolve questions about the ancient past. We study the structure of fossil plants and animals, undertake taxonomic studies, and utilize the diversity and specialized adaptations of past life to interpret and reconstruct ancient ecosystems.

We also aim to answer questions about how ecosystems responded to global crises and how they recovered after catastrophic mass extinctions. Our research addresses climate change through geological time and its relationship to biodiversity changes.

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Methane-Seepage in the Calcareous Alps

Investigating a New Hypothesis for Mass Occurrences of Halorella pedata and Related Brachiopods


Terrestrialization of the Biosphere

Geochemical Fingerprints of Ancient Life


The Frozen Garden of Eden

Vertebrate Paleontology in Antarctica


Human Ecological Impact

Carnivores and the Ecological Footprint of Early Humans

Foto: Christian Skovsted

Evolution of Angiosperms

Early Evolution of Flowering Plants and Cretaceous Vegetation


Impacts and Life

Hydrothermal activity driven by heat from the impact melt can potentially support a deep biosphere!


Mesozoic Mass-Extinction Events

and Perturbations in the Carbon Cycle


Deep-Sea Ecosystems

Biogeography of Methane-seep Faunas Through Time

Emergence of the Modern Biosphere

Decrypting the Early Record


Exceptional Permineralized Biotas

Windows into the Evolution and Functional Diversity of Terrestrial Ecosystems Through Time


PT Biotic Crisis

Causes and Effects of the Permian-Triassic Biotic Crisis Inferred from Continental Margin Sections and Modeling



Warm and Wet or Hot and Dry Future Earth? The Dual Role of CO2 Explored with Fossil Plants


Shallow Origins?

Evolution of Animal Skeletons in the Earliest Cambrian

Exploration of the Deep Biosphere

The deep subseafloor crust is one of the few great frontiers of biology remaining on Earth


Angiosperm distribution

The Evolution of Distribution Patterns in Flowering Plants

Global Ginkgo

Refining a palaeo-proxy using a "living fossil" tree


Urban Underground Ecology

Study of microorganisms in ecosystems in the Stockholm metro system!

Early Evolution of Shelled Invertebrates

Studying the enigmatic members of the lophotrochozoa


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