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The Human Journey

Pojke härmar en pilkastande neandertalare i utställningen Den mänskliga resan.

A journey through space and time, following the course of human evolution over the past 7 million years.

Pojkar jämför olika kranium i utställningen Den mänskliga resan. Foto: Martin Stenmark

You will also learn about the evolution of other animals, such as elephants and horses, during the 65 million years that have passed since the extinction of the dinosaurs.

On the journey, you will meet eleven naturalistic models of early human ancestors. You can also study the role played by climate and environment in determining the course of our history.

Go on a trip of discovery through life, among monkeys, sabertooth cats, mammoths and other stunning creatures. Travel with the first adventurers on their journey out of Africa.

Consider what makes us human. Reflect on where we came from.
And where we are going.


Meet "the Hobbit", Homo floresiensis, in The Human Journey. Photo: Staffan Waerndt.

The exhibition

The exhibition includes a main path that follows the major steps in human evolution, from the first upright forms in Africa to modern man.

On either side of the main path there are side paths. One follows the evolution of mammals, while the other highlights the changes to the Earth´s climate and environment that have taken place over millions of years.

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Don't miss the audio guide – for you who want a guided tour on your own.


The exhibition includes a number of features designed to enhance accessibility to the vision impaired. There are a number of objects that can be touched, such as skeletons and skulls.

See also under Audio guide.

Humans in the exhibitions

In the exhibition you will meet one of the world's most extensive collections of reconstructions of different human species. The models of the human species are made by Elisabeth Dayne, one of the foremost in the field.