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Cosmonova with IMAX Laser - opening this summer


Right now, the new technology is being installed in Cosmonova. When it is all done, we will invite you to Sweden's largest dome cinema with digital IMAX laser technology.

Get ready for a new experience - welcome this summer!

What is IMAX Laser?

  • Crystal Clear IMAX Laser Projection: Increased resolution, sharper and brighter images, deeper contrasts, as well as the widest range of colors available to filmmakers to deliver the most life-like visuals for moviegoers.
  • Next Generation IMAX Precision Sound: Patented sound technology delivers striking clarity and depth alongside perfected tuned sound and evenly distributed audio throughout the theatre.
  • IMAX Immersion by Design: Custom-designed theatres with stadium seating for clear vantage points at every seat, as well as custom screens for the brightest images.

Part of a major upgrade

In addition to the projection upgrade, Cosmonova's 760 square meter screen will also be updated according to the latest technology. All 256 chairs in the salon will be reupholstered.

The upgrade is in line with the future of IMAX filmproduction - through the new technology we have the opportunity to show more of the latest films on the market. Our films always combine a great experience with a new perspective and take you to places around the world - even into space.