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T-bana: Universitetet
Frescativägen 40

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Tisdag–fredag 11–17
Lördag–söndag 10–18

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Explore the Lab

Join us in the Lab! Meet experts, investigate exciting items from our collections and be creative. Get ready to explore more.

Please notice that the activities normally are presented in Swedish only.

Dive in to a world filled with science and knowledge, interesting items and meet our experts. The Lab is a transformative space full of life where you can experience the museum in a totally new and exciting way.

Bilden föreställer barn och experter i museets nya upplevelserum Labbet.

What does the squirrel look like? What does it do? Investigate and create!

Experience what it’s like to work as a scientist and explore the museum collections. Find out how an item for our collections can tell you about life on earth. Welcome to the Lab!

Bilden föreställer barn och experter i museets nya upplevelserum Labbet.

How old can a bird get? Find out how the bird ringing works.

Bilden föreställer vuxna och experter i museets nya upplevelserum Labbet. De tittar i mikroskop och pratar med en forskare.

Why are insects so important? Look closer at some of the most spectacular insects and understand them from a new perspective.

This is the Lab
The Lab is a new space at the museum where you can participate in interactive activities and meet with experts. Families, students and visitors are welcome.

We will open to our visitors for the first time on the school holiday in February and we will be open every Saturday. Visit the calander for all future activities. (Schools can book the Labexternal link, opens in new window seperatly).

The Lab is a space where you can immerse yourself and get closer to the museum’s science and collection activities. In the Lab you can open doors to science and widen your knowledge of the museum.

Explore the Lab together with your family. Recommended from 8 years (some specific events have other recommendations) Buy your tickets in the ticket office or on our webshopexternal link, opens in new window (Swedish). SEK 50 per person. All material are included in your ticket.