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Escape Extinction

You can stop the extinction of insects! But the evidence is threatened by intruders. One hour, and everything can be destroyed. The hunt for clues leads you deeper into the museums natural history collections.

Escape room is closed!

Our escape room is closed due to the current situation with covid-19.

Please call +46 8-519 54 000 or send an email to kop.cosmonova@nrm.se for more information.

As scientists you are close to a break through – an answer to why the insects in the world are disappearing. But now you must find and secure all the evidence.

You can also get your tickets at bokning@nrm.se or phone: +46 (0)8 519 540 00

This is an escape room

To play escape room means that you and your friends has to solve a mystery within one hour to win.


To stop the loss of biodiversity is one of UN’s Global Goals for Sustainible Development. Our escape room highlights the importance of research and the insects’ crucial role for all biodiversity.

Escape Extinction

60 minutes playtime
3-6 players
From 16 years (12 years with adult)
Price 220 SEK per player

From our guestbook:

Thanks for a fun escaperoom. Best so far!
The Gierers

World class! Very funny!
- The clan of Holdar

Best escape room ever

Super cool challenge!

Challenging, but very fun to get together

Very funny
Collaboration and play!

Escape room: Escape Extinktion.Tre stycke deltagare, ungdomar, iklädda vita rockar i ett escape room som öppnar en skåpsdörr. Foto: Martin Stenmark
Escape room: Escape Extinktion. En ungdom i vit rock med burk framför sig i museets escape room. Foto: Martin Stenmark
Escape room: Escape Extinktion. Fem stycke deltagare, ungdomar, iklädda vita rockar med en ram med insekter mellan sig i ett escape room. Foto: Martin Stenmark