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The museum is closed - welcome to our pop up museum

Due to roof repairs in the building the museum is closed. We will re-open June 4th, welcome back!

In the meantime you can visit our pop up-museum at Westfield Mall of Scandinavia this spring.

Please contact our frontdesk at informationen@nrm.se or +46 8 5195 4000 for more information or refunds of previously bought tickets. The validity period of already purchased annual passes will be extended during 2024.

Permanent exhibitions

Children looking at skulls. Photo: Mikael Axelsson

Follow the course of human evolution over the past seven million years.

Human head.

About the human body from an evolutional perspective.

Two girls stand in front of a screen in a museum exhibition

About illegal trade with species under threat.

A researcher sits on a box outside his tent and talks on a satellite phone

Expeditions — gathering knowledge of the Earth

A small exhibition about this museum’s role in charting the Earth’s plant and animal life.

Students in the exhibition Fossil and Evolution.

About life on Earth. And, of course, dinosaurs.

Boy examines what is inside a tree trunk in the exhibition Life's Diversity.

About biological diversity, and why it is important.

Children in the exhibition Swedish Nature, touching "furry objects"

Peek inside a bear's winter quarters, meet wolves and lynx, or investigate an anthill from the inside.

Three children climb on a tree trunk with a brick building in the background.

Grow the City

Come and experience the nature of the city at the Swedish Museum of Natural History's inner courtyard!

Children in the museum exhibition, investigation a big skeleton

Experience the Arctic and Antarctic grand environment.

Children examine a crystal in a museum exhibition.

Meteorites from far, far away, sparkling  stones and minerals in all the colours of the rainbow.

Two girl standing playing with a device creating "clouds".

About future climate and its consequences.

Upcoming exhibitions

Former Exhibitions

Life in water is closed from March 2021 and a new water exhibition will open in 2023.