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Pop up-museum!

Visit us at a totally new location in Westfield Mall of Scandinavia. Step into the world of the dinosaurs in our exhibition, make a dinosaur in our creative corner and visit our shop.


Illustration: Simon Stålenhag

How do we know that dinosaurs existed? What traces have they left behind? And what can we take into the future from their history?

Follow the footsteps of the dinosaurs in our newly produced mini museum. Measure yourself with a T-Rex bone, touch a real meteorite and create your own dinosaur in our creative corner. There is also a small museum shop here.

The activity suits the whole family and is free of charge. Welcome this spring!

View of the exhibition

Welcome to our mini museum! Photo: Jonas Sverin


  • Touch a real meteorite and a dinosaur footprint
  • Measure yourself with a life size T-Rex leg
  • Learn about dinosaurs and our research
  • Look at a real fossil of a dinosaur egg
  • Draw your own dinosaur
  • Check out movies with Dino-Doris
Children touch and look at dinosaur footprint.

Touch a dinosaur footprint. Photo: Martin Stenmark

Visit the pop up-museum

The pop-up museum is exhibited in the Westfield Mall of Scandinavia during the spring of 2024, until mid-May.

Opening hours: Monday-Friday at 10-17
and Saturday-Sunday at 10-18.

You will find the museum on level 1 near Åhléns.

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