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The Human Animal

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Humans and animals – how are we similar and what makes us different? Explore your body and your senses. Why can you see colours, sweat and understand facial Expressions?

The Human Animal describes he human body from an evolutional perspective. How did we evolve and why are we constructed and have the abilities that we do?

Discover how similar we are to other animals and what sets us apart. For example, you have just as many neck vertebrae as a giraffe! You will discover that you also have a lot in common with other animals such as apes, pigs horses and worms!

The skin is fascinating - why do we sweat? Foto: Karolina Kristenson

Alike and Unlike

The human is amazing. We are unique but we also share many similarities with other animals.

We are both alike and unlike.

In the exhibition we look at these similarities but also at the evolutionary processes.

Why do we lack fur and why do we have long legs? These are some of the many questions posed in The Human Animal.

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Challenge yourself

There are plenty of activities for all senses and many things to try for the curious.

Jumping girl. Foto: Karolina Kristensson

Jump like a hare!

Can you hold on to a branch like a monkey? Can jump as far as a hare?

Climb on and feel the heartbeat of a life size whale heart, challenge a chimp in a memory game and don’t miss out on the smell quiz.