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Åke Johansson

Åke Johansson

Dr.,  Senior researcher


Phone: +46 (0)8 519 540 34
E-mail: ake.johansson@nrm.se

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  • B.Sc. in Earth sciences, Stockholm University, Sweden, 1979
  • Ph.D. in Mineralogy and petrology, Stockholm University, Sweden, 1984
  • “Docent” (Associate professor), Gothenburg University, Sweden, 1992

Working tasks and responsibilities

  • Own research in isotope geology 
  • Supervision of students and guest researchers in isotope geology
  • Responsible for the library at the GEO department
  • Responsible for the web pages of the GEO department
  • "Jourhavande geolog" (Geologist-on-call)
  • Responsible for Geology Day arrangements and other outreach activities in geology at NRM

Research interests

My research is concerned mainly with the Precambrian geological evolution of the Fennoscandian Shield, and the relation between Fennoscandia / Baltica and other Precambrian shield areas and cratons, such as Laurentia (North America), Amazonia and West Africa. Working methods include geochronological (U-Pb), isotope geochemical (Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd) and geochemical investigations of relevant rocks. I have worked with rocks in southern Sweden (Blekinge, the Protogine Zone, the southern part of the Sveconorwegian province) and the Danish island of Bornholm, as well as the Svecofennian bedrock in east-central Sweden. In addition, I have previously worked with the Caledonian bedrock on Svalbard.

Research projects

Previous research projects

Other professional roles

  • Boardmember of the Association for Geology Day
    (Föreningen för Geologins Dag) 2009 - 2020
    chairman 2013 - 2020.
  • Member of the Swedish National Committé for Geology (Svenska Nationalkommittén för Geologi) since 2016