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Access to the center

The Vegacenter is aimed at the Swedish Geoscience community, but international applications are encouraged as well.


Access to the Vegacenter may be granted by submitting a project proposal. Projects are assessed on the basis of their scientific merit. There is one proposal call annually, which is announced on this website.

Call for proposals

Applications are invited for analytical time at NordSIMS-Vegacenter. The application deadline is October 15th, 2023. Applications received on or before the deadline will be evaluated by the Steering Committee and successful projects will be scheduled to run in 2024. Application forms may be downloaded from this page or obtained on request from the laboratory. Note that late applications will not be considered.

Application procedure

New applications must comprise the following three items:

1) Application form. Please fill in the pdf fields, sign and save as a
pdf with an unambiguous name. Note that the form can be signed digitally in Adobe Acrobat.

2) Project description. This should accompany your application form and consist of a maximum of 2 pages of A4 (using a 12 pt. font), including figures. Preferably save this as a pdf file.

3) User information form (Excel). We are now required by the research council to report institution and gender data on users of the
infrastructure. This information is for statistical use only and data
should not be linked to any named person on the application form.
Please complete the “NEW PROJECTS”) form. If you were granted infrastructure access for 2023, please also fill in one or more of the “EXISTING PROJECTS” pages as appropriate.Save your form as an Excel file and send together with the application.

2024 proposal callPDF

Application form new projectsPDF

Application form ongoing projectsPDF


User information formExcel


Analytical costs are partly funded through the center and VR to ensure low cost access for all approved projects. Current analytical costs are a daily academic access fee of 8 000 SEK for Sweden-based researchers and 9 000 SEK for international users. The fee is charged per mass spectrometer, independent of whether the instruments are used in conjunction with the laser ablation system and/or gas chromatograph. The fee may be adjusted at any time.

Commercial projects do not require application. The rate for these projects is a daily fee of 16 000 SEK per mass spectrometer. Requests for analytical time for commercial projects may be sent directly to Chris Mark.

User information

To be scheduled please contact Chris Markopens in new window. We aim to schedule your days within up to 4 months depending on the reservation, the requested method, the instrument status and how many days you need.

Your visit

When you visit the Vegacenter to do the analyses we prefer if you arrive at NRM about 09:30 the day you will start to analyse, but feel free to come the day before. Please go to the main museum entrance and ask for any of us in the Vegacenter group at the Information desk inside the museum entrance. We will meet you there and get you a guest card, which gives access to the outer doors.

We recommend that you make flexible travel arrangements if at all possible - we cannot guarantee that the instruments will be as enthusiastic about your visit as we are!

We suggest some accomodation in the museum neighbourhood. If you have problems to get accomodation, please contact our secretary Leena Paulin.

Projects and publications

Accepted Vegacenter Projects 2015-2021PDF

Vegacenter Publication List 2017-2021PDF