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The electronic registration of the collections is a major current project in the department.

The goal is to provide an efficient way of searching for specimens and working on particular groups of plants or fossil sites.


Polar flora

The work with the so-called "Polar flora", described by Oswald Heer, Alfred G. Nathorst, and others is in progress. Information on the fossil site, age, organ of the plant, state of preservation and taxonomic position of each specimen is given. So far, the registration of the Spitsbergen material, comprising about 4500 specimens and ranging in age from Paleocene to the Early Oligocene is completed.

Collection from Scania

A second large collection of plant fossils is from Scania in southern Sweden. The Rhaetian and Liassic strata (210-180 million years old) contain a large variety of fossil plants and are of paramount importance for understanding possible environmental and floristic changes at the Triassic/Jurassic boundary. The collection contains abouts 25 000 specimens, among them almost 100 type specimens, which have been subject of numerous taxonomic publications and revisions.

Animal fossils

The collection of the departments vertebrate and invertebrate fossils is searchable at samlingar.nrm.seexternal link.


Queries concerning the databases should be directed to Thomas Denkexternal link