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Scanning Project

Digitization of vascular plant type collections at the Department of Botany (S)

The Department of Botany is undertaking a digitisation project focusing on our vascular plant type herbarium collections.

The project

The project is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and is part of a partnership involving more than 300 herbaria from more than 70 countries worldwide.

The project is divided geographically into:

  • African Plants Initiative (API)
  • Latin American Plants Initiative (LAPI)
  • Global Plants Initiative (GPI)

The goal of the projekt

The ultimate goal of the project is to facilitate the access to the collections. The resulting high resolution images allows viewers to see specimens labels and morphological characters almost in as much detail as if they had the specimen in hand. This facility reduce costs, time and keep the collections safer for the next generations.

Australien, NSW, Warrumbungles

Numbers of digitised specimens

We joined this partnership in 2006, and on June 2009, after completing the API, we started to work on types from areas covered by LAPI and GPI.

Currently we have digitised more than 100,000 specimens, including almost all vascular plant types (55,500 specimens), Carl von Linnaeus specimens (4,500) and Olof P. Swartz´s collection (5,600). The digitised specimens can be accessed through our electronic Herbarium Catalogue and also in JSTOR, where data from all the partners are being stored. 

This work is a great opportunity for an amazing journey in time and space guided by the collectors expeditions towards plant kingdom. Types are much more than species vouchers. They are an testimony of botany and botanists history.

Other project

The list of links below leads you to our project pages where you can read more about our type collections, main collectors and details on the digitization processes.

Type collections in S
Digitization of types
Herbarium Catalogueexternal link


The Linnaean herbarium
The Swartz herbarium 
The international vascular plants herbarium