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Palynological collections

The Palynological laboratory was founded in 1948 with Gunnar Erdtman as its first director. Later it was incorporated with the Department of botany. Today it is divided between the Department for Environmental research and monitoring (environmental pollen monitoring) and the Departement of botany (collections).

Historical collection

The historical collections contains preparates described by Professor Gunnar Erdtman. This collection is important and of historical and scientific interest because of the many reference specimens of pollen and spored published in Erdtman's books and publications.

Internationell collection

The international collection is one of the most comprehensive and important globally. It contains more than 25.000 preparates from various plant families. You can search the collection in our on-line herbarium databaseexternal link.

Skandinavian collection

The Scandinavian collection contains pollen and spores from about 100 vascular plant families.


The library is one of the larges within the fields of palynology and aerobiology.

Image archive

  • Light Microscopy (LM) images
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) images
  • Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) images


For loans from or visits to the palynological collection, please contact herbarium@nrm.se.

Other collections


Air borne pollen and spores.


Preparates of "honey-plants", honey and pollen collected from bees.