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Accessible facilities

We aim to provide a friendly, accessible environment for all our visitors and the widest possible access to our building.

Impaired hearing

Induction loops are available in Cosmonova and the auditoriums on the lower floor. Cosmonova programmes are in Swedish, without subtitles.

Impaired vision

Some of the exhibitions may appear to be unusually dark. This may be due to the presence of light-sensitive materials. Also, some of the older exhibitions are lit according to the standards in effect at the time they were created.

Audioguide and objects to touch

The exhibition The Human Animal includes a number of features designed to enhance accessibility to the vision impaired. There are a number of objects that can be touched, such as skeletons and skulls. There is also an audio guide available.

Audio guide The Human Journey

Audio guide 10 exhibition highlights


The museum stairways have signs indicating the floors above and below.


The floors are even and of various materials.

Guide dogs

You may bring your guide dog into the museum.

Impaired mobility

All exhibitions are adapted for wheelchairs. Doorways to all exhibitions are kept open during normal hours.

Reserved parking spaces

The museum has two parking areas reserved for visitors with disabilities. One is located at the gateway to the courtyard, to the right of the museum's main entrance. The second is located in the inner courtyard. The surface is asphalt.


Near the parking area in the courtyard there is an accessible entrance to the lower floor of the museum, address Frescativägen 38.

Cosmonova has an accessible entrance on the upper floor, reached by elevator. If you need to use this entrance, please mention when getting your ticket.

Lockers and lunchroom

There are lockers on the ground floor. There are picnic rooms on the ground and lower floors.

Wheelchairs at Cosmonova

Cosmonova has three special places for visitors in wheelchairs. These may be booked in advance by telephone at +46 (0)8 519 540 00.

Accessible toilets

Available on all three floors.

  • Lower floor: Door width 90 centimetres, floor space 6.78 square metres. Diaper changing table. No automatic door opener.
  • Ground floor: Door width 90 centimetres, floor space 6.78 square metres. Diaper changing table. No automatic door opener.
  • Upper floor at Cosmonova exit: Door width 90 centimetres, floor space 5.51 square metres. Diaper changing table. Automatic door opener.
  • Upper floor in exhibition Treasures from the Earth's Interior. Door width 90 centimetres, floor space 2.89 square metres. Diaper changing table. No automatic door opener.

Courtesy wheelchair

The museum has one wheelchair available for use by visitors. Please contact the Information desk at the main entrance to borrow.

Lift dimensions

There are lifts on all floors. 

Lift between entrance hall and cashier hall: door width 90 cm, basket 1 m wide and 1.5 deep, max 410 kg.

Central lift: door width 90 cm, basket 1.37x1.37 m, max 1000 kg.

Lift at Cosmonova: door width 80 cm, basket 80 cm wide and 1.8 m deep, max 750 kg.

Lift to the Polar Regions: door width 80 cm, surface area 1.4 square meters.

Download map overviewing the Museum with CosmonovaPDF

Neuropsychiatric and intellectual disabilities

The staff at the box office and at the Information desk in the entrance hall, can give you tips and advice on how to make your visit with us as smooth and positive as possible.


Teachers with pupils with special needs are encuraged to contact our museum educators before the visit.

Stress and high noise levels

If you are extra sensitive to stress or high noise levels, it may be a good idea to come here on weekday afternoons, when the museum usually is less crowded and more quiet.