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Tisdag–fredag 11–17
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Visitor comfort, map and accessibility

We strive to provide all visitors with comfortable and easily accessible premises.

Museum map.

Download map overviewing the Museum with Cosmonova


For visitors with allergies: there are no allergy-producing plants in the museum, but strong odours may result from construction activities. Pets are not allowed to enter the museum.

More about allergies

Dogs and pets

Pets are not allowed into the museum. However, guide dogs or service dogs are of course welcome.

Visitors with small children

For visitors with children it is easy to move about in the museum with a baby carriage. There are spacious lifts, parking areas for baby carriages, and strollers that can be borrowed during a visit. There are also diaper changing tables and microwave ovens for warming baby food.

School classes, people with prams and wheelchairs may want to use our accessible entrance at the Fossilen restaurant, from the courtyard.

Infants are not allowed inside Cosmonova. You can not bring baby carriages into the theater.

More information for visitors with children

Visitors with impaired hearing, vision or mobility

There are accessible parking, induction loops available in Cosmonova and the auditoriums, and special places at Cosmonova. All exhibitions are adapted for wheelchairs.

More information accessible facilities

English narration at Cosmonova

Our films have Swedish narration, unless English narration is stipulated. We have a limited amount of audio receivers. We recommend that you bring your own headphones with 3,5 mm plug since we have a limited amount of headphones.

Information in English

Several exhibitions provide information in both Swedish and English. For those which display Swedish only, English translations are available at the information desk on the ground floor.

Guided tours

Guided tours of the exhibitions, in Swedish, are offered on certain weekends and holidays. There is an audio guide available .

Museum website

We work continuously to improve the level of accessibility by following Accessibility guidelines.