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Visitors with children

We strive to ensure that visits with children are enjoyable.

Baby carriages

It is easy to take baby carriages around the various floors and exhibitions of the museum.

People with prams may want to use our accessible entrance at the Fossilen restaurant, from the courtyard.

Baby carriage parking

For those who choose not to use their baby carriages in the museum, there is a parking area in the ticket hall. Please note that the museum does not assume any responsibility for parked baby carriages.

Courtesy strollers

There are a few strollers that can be borrowed during a visit to the museum. They are located behind the information desk in the entrance hall.


Age limit on films shown at Cosmonova is 2 years, unless stated otherwise.

Infants are not allowed inside Cosmonova. You can not bring baby carriages into the theater.

Baby food

There is a microwave oven for warming food in the picnic rooms on the ground and lower floors.

Lunchroom and lockers

There are picnic rooms with lockers on floor number three. You can also find lockers outside The lab on floor five.

Diaper changing tables

Available in the handicap toilets on all floors.


There are lifts on all floors. 

Lift between entrance hall and cashier hall: door width 90 cm, basket 1 m wide and 1.5 deep, max 410 kg.

Central lift: door width 90 cm, basket 1.37x1.37 m, max 1000 kg.

Lift at Cosmonova: door width 80 cm, basket 80 cm wide and 1.8 m deep, max 750 kg.

Lift to the Polar Regions: door width 80 cm, surface area 1.4 square meters.

Download map overviewing the Museum with CosmonovaPDF

Lift dimensions

Box office/Cosmonova: door width 78 centimetres, floor space 2.1 square metres

Exhibitions Fossils and Evolution and Swedish Nature: door width 191 centimetres, floor space 7 square metres