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Tobias Malm selected publications


Malm, T., Nyman, T. (2015). Phylogeny of the symphytan grade of Hymenoptera: new pieces into the old jigsaw(fly) puzzle. Cladistics 31 (1), 1-17


Malm, T., Johanson, K.A., Wahlberg, N. (2013). The evolutionary history of Trichoptera (Insecta): A case of successful adaptation to life in freshwater. Systematic Entomology 38 (3), 459-473


Nyman, T., Linder, H.P., Pena, C., Malm, T., Wahlberg, N. (2012). Climate-driven diversity dynamics in plants and plant-feeding insects. Ecology letters 15 (8), 889-898

Peña, C., Malm, T. (2012). VoSeq: a voucher and DNA sequence web application. PloS one 7 (6), e39071


Malm, T., Johanson, K. A. (2011). A new classification of the long-horned caddisflies (Trichoptera: Leptoceridae) based on molecular data. BMC evolutionary Biology 11 (1), 10