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Fredrik Ronquist

Fredrik Ronquist



Phone: 08-5195 4094



Develops software (MrBayes and RevBayes) for Bayesian inference of phylogeny, evolution and biogeography. Research interests also include systematics, diversity and evolution of insects, particularly hymenopterans. Initiator of the Swedish Taxonomy Initiative, Morphbank and the Swedish Malaise Trap Project. Active in international biodiversity informatics. Heads the Station Linné Foundation, which runs a field station on Öland.


My research is focused on Bayesian analyses of problems in systematics, biodiversity and evolutionary biology. I like to combine development of new algorithms and methodological approaches with empirical research. Favorite topics include historical biogeography and the evolution of gall wasps and other Hymenoptera. I am contributing to several software packages for Bayesian phylogenetic inference (MrBayes, RevBayes and the Rev language). I was one of the initiators of the Swedish Taxonomy Initiative (an all-taxa national biodiversity inventory), MorphBank (an open web repository of specimen images), and the Swedish Malaise Trap Project (the first broad inventory of the Swedish insect fauna). The research of my PhD students and postdocs spans a wide range of topics, including computational biology, image analysis, phylogenomics, metabarcoding, insect biodiversity, and insect taxonomy.

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