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As a national facility, the Vegacenter has national representation within its management structure. The management scheme is composed of scientists from different Swedish research institutes who represent the Swedish geoscience community.

The Vegacenter has dedicated and qualified personnel to ensure optimal user support independent of the level of user experience with the analytical techniques.




Assignment/area of research

Ellen Kooijman

Senior curator

Research in geochemistry, petrology and geochronology, Head of the Vegacenter

Torsten Persson

Research engineer

Technical support

Melanie Schmitt

Laboratory technician

Sample preparation and user support

Hans Schöberg

Research engineer

Analytical support

Lorraine Tual


Method development

Katerina Rodiouchkina

MSc student


Method development

Vegacenter Steering Committee



Dr. Christina Wanhainen

Luleå University of Technology


Dr. Carl-Magnus Mörth

Stockholm University


Dr. Anders Scherstén

Lund University


Dr. Thomas Zack

Gothenburg University

Ex Officio / Secretary

Dr. Ellen Kooijman

Swedish Museum of Natural History