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The department has extensive and valuable collections in all areas of palaeontology and conducts world-leading research in several fields.

The collections contain several unique and scientifically important specimens that are being used in research projects at the department, and by researchers from around the world.


The research at the department involves questions about the origin of life on earth and the evolution of animals and plants through time, with emphasis on the origin and evolution of Cenozoic vertebrates, Palaeozoic invertebrates and seed plants. Read more about our research.


The department houses scientifically valuable and large collections that derive mainly from Sweden but also from widespread locations around the world, such as the Arctic in the north and Antarctica in the south. Databasing of the collections is one of the main projects at the department and some of the information is available on the internet. Read more about our collections.

Loans from the collections

The collections are accessible for Swedish and foreign researchers by visit or loan. Contact Ove Johansson (plant fossils) or Jonas Hagström (animal fossils) for more information.

Editorial Duties

Several members of our staff have editorial assignments at various international scientific journals: GRANA is a journal of Palynology and Aerobiology. Alcheringa is the journal of the Association of Australasian Paleontologists. GFFexternal link is a quarterly English-language journal published by The Geological Society of Sweden. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontologyexternal link is published by the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. PloS Oneexternal link is an open access scientific journal published by the Public Library of Science (PLOS). Paläontologische Zeitschriftexternal link publishes papers on all aspects of the field palaeontology.


Head of Department

Professor Vivi Vajda


Ewa Sjödinexternal link

Collections Palaeobotany

Ove Johansson

Collections Palaeozoology

Jonas Hagström

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