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Logotyp för Naturhistoriska riksmuseet
Logotyp för Naturhistoriska riksmuseet

Prepare för your visit

Before your visit, there are several things that might be useful to know. From the quietest times and how to get here, to what you can do and how accessible it is.

Plan your visit

Generally, mornings and weekends are when we welcome the most visitors. A tip is to visit on weekday afternoons when the museum is quieter.

You need a ticket for our exhibitions and other activities; a good tip is to pre-purchase it. Children enter for free but also need a ticket.

Read about our opening hours and special hours

Getting here and parking

Tickets External link.

Ask us if you have special needs

In the cashier and the information desk in the entrance hall, you can get tips and advice on how to make your visit as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Feel free to contact us before your visit and let us know about any specific needs. Phone (switchboard): +46 (0)8-519 540 00, email:

Get oriented before your visit

You can look at our map before your museum visit. You can also get oriented before your visit by exploring our entrance. You will find where Cosmonova, the major exhibitions, the restaurant, shop, and toilets are located.

Entrance in 360 degrees (in Swedish) External link.

What you can do at the museum

The museum has exhibitions, Cosmonova, and activities for different age groups, both on-site and digitally. Discover everything we have to offer in our Experience section.


Dining at the museum

You can have lunch and snacks at the Fossilen restaurant or our picnic room. Please note that eating is not allowed in our exhibitions.

Eat and drink

Coatroom, lockers, and toilets

Coatroom and lockers

There are lockable lockers of various sizes for clothing and bags. You will find these lockers in the picnic room on level 3 and in Vegasalen on level 5. On level 3, you will also find an unstaffed coatroom.

Changing rooms and toilets

There are toilets, accessible toilets, and changing rooms on all levels.

Lower level

  • Dimensions: door width 90 centimeters
  • Room area: 6.78 square meters.
  • No automatic door opener.

Entrance level

  • Dimensions: door width 90 cm
  • Room area: 6.78 square meters.
  • No automatic door opener.

Upper level at Cosmonova's exit

  • Dimensions: Door width 90 cm.
  • Room area: 5.51 square meters.
  • Automatic door opener available.

Upper level, in the exhibition "Treasures from the Earth's Interior"

  • Dimensions: Door width 80 cm.
  • Room area: 2.89 square meters.
  • No automatic door opener.

Accessibility and safety

For your safety, we implement a maximum number of visitors in the public areas. This limit is set based on fire and safety considerations. During peak visitor times, you may need to wait to enter the museum.

Companions always have free entry to exhibitions and films at Cosmonova.

Strollers and small Children

  • It's easy to move around with a stroller in our exhibitions and between our different levels.
  • A limited number of pushchairs are available to borrow behind the information desk in the entrance hall.
  • Infants should not be in Cosmonova's auditorium, and you cannot take a stroller into the auditorium.

Reduced mobility

  • All our exhibitions are wheelchair and mobility scooter accessible.
  • Doors to the exhibitions are open during visiting hours.

Reserved parking Spaces

The museum has two parking spaces reserved for visitors with disabilities.

Parking spaces for people with disabilities


Near the parking area in the inner courtyard, there is an accessible entrance to the lower level of the museum, with the street address: Frescativägen 38. It is suitable for wheelchair users, school groups, and strollers. The main entrance has ramps. But for safety reasons, we recommend wheelchair users to use the accessibility entrance.


Cosmonova has an accessible entrance on the upper level, accessible via an elevator. If you need to use this entrance, please inform the staff.

Cosmonova has space for three wheelchairs. Visitors in wheelchairs stay in their wheelchairs during the show for safety reasons to facilitate possible evacuation. Wheelchair seating should be booked through our online booking service link to another website.

Visitors in wheelchairs are requested to be at Cosmonova's accessibility entrance at least 20 minutes before the show starts.

Accessible toilets

Available on all levels, read more under changing rooms and toilets.

Available on all levels, read more under changing rooms and toilets.

Wheelchair for borrow

The museum has a wheelchair available for borrowing. Please contact the Information desk at the main entrance to borrow it.

Elevators and dimensions

There are elevators to all levels, see [TODO: länk]map.

  • Lift table between the entrance hall and the cashier's area: door width 90 cm, basket 100 cm wide and 150 cm deep, max 410 kg.
  • Central elevator: door width 90 cm, basket 137 x 137 cm, max 1000 kg.
  • Elevator at Cosmonova: door width 80 cm, basket 80 cm wide and 180 cm deep, max 750 kg.
  • Elevator to the Polar Regions exhibition: door width 80 cm, area 1.4 square meters.

Low vision

  • The museum's stairs have markings that signal the top and bottom steps.
  • The floors are level with varying surfaces - carpets, stone, and wood.
  • Your guide/service dog is allowed to accompany you inside the museum.
  • If you need a magnifying glass, please contact the Information desk at the main entrance.
  • Some of our exhibitions may be experienced as dark.
  • The exhibition "The Human Journey" is accessibility-adapted with special consideration for the visually impaired.
  • Audio guides in MP3 and DAISY formats are available for the exhibitions "The Human Journey," "The Animal Human, and "Polar Regions."

Hearing impairment

  • Hearing loops are available in both auditoriums on the lower level and at Cosmonova.
  • The shows screened at Cosmonova are not subtitled.
    • Visual alarms that signal during evacuation are available in all areas.

Allergies and sensitivities

  • We do not have allergenic plants in our premises.
  • During renovations and the construction of new exhibitions, there may be dust and strong odors.
  • Pets are not allowed inside the museum, except for guide dogs and service dogs.
  • Mounted animals are featured in our exhibitions, usually in enclosed glass cases.
  • In our restaurant, you can order food that is free from gluten and milk protein, among other allergens. Contact the restaurant before your visit if you are unsure.

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