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Logotyp för Naturhistoriska riksmuseet
Logotyp för Naturhistoriska riksmuseet
foto av ett barn som känner med handen på ett stenblock i utställningsmiljö.

Fossils and Evolution

Discover how animals and plants have come and gone throughout Earth's ancient history. Here, you and your young explorers can encounter colossal dinosaurs, uncover the secrets of flying reptiles, and learn about the extraordinary event when an asteroid collided with our planet.

Journey through earth's dynamic history

Over millions of years, life forms vary in appearance. Species evolve and become extinct. Continents move and volcanoes spew out their gases. At times it is hot, other times it is ice cold.

All such changes have influenced the forms that life takes on Earth today. Our planet continues to change, and humans with it.

Youth taking a picture with a t-rex in the background.

Before the dinosaurs, and after

How did the first cells evolve? And the dinosaurs, the flowers and the birds? Learn about the huge dragonflies and tiny primeval worms. Find out how the moon was formed and what similarities there are between chickens and dinosaurs.

Explore the fascinating story of animals and plants that have come and gone throughout Earth's history. This exhibition features numerous models and fossils, updated with the latest research, presented in an engaging and immersive manner.

Welcome to deepen your knowledge of the history of life!

Explore the exhibition from home

Embark on an expedition in the Fossil and Evolution exhibition when no one else is around. See the exhibition from entirely different perspectives.

Fossils and Evolution in 360 degrees External link. (in Swedish)

Exhibition website External link.

Sovande dinosaurie

Available: Permanent exhibition


Tuesday: 11:00
Wednesday: 11:00
Friday: 11:00
Saturday: 10:00
Sunday: 10:00

Price: Included in the entrance ticket