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Logotyp för Naturhistoriska riksmuseet
Logotyp för Naturhistoriska riksmuseet


An overview of the organization, governance, and leadership of the Swedish Museum of Natural History.

Director General and Management Team

The Director General of the Swedish Museum of Natural History is named Lisa Månsson. She is appointed by the government and leads the agency's work with the support of the museum's management team.

Management Team

The management team at the Swedish Museum of Natural History.

Photo: Johanna Hanno

The management team is the agency's overarching group for the formulation of long-term strategies, direction of operations and organization, and coordination of joint efforts.

Included in the group are:

  • Lisa Månsson, Director General.
  • Pär Rådling, , Director of Administration, Deputy Director General.
  • Sebastian Kvist, Director of Science.
  • Gundela Pettersson, Director of Engagement
  • Anna Nilsson, Director of Environmental Monitoring.

Divisions and Departments

The museum has four divisions. Within these divisions, there are a total of 20 departments.

The Research Division

The division is tasked with the responsibility for the museum's collections, dissemination and advice to the public and other sectors of society, basic research and applied research, as well as certain commissioned activities.

Under the Division of Research and Collections are departments of: Bioinformatics and Genetics, Botany, Zoology, Geoscience, and Paleobiology.

Departments within the Research Division

The Division of Environmental Monitoring

The division is responsible for the national pollen monitoring in Sweden, for Swedish bird ringing, and for one of the world's oldest environmental sample banks. The division also works with population monitoring of selected, often endangered, species, and conducts environmental monitoring regarding the health status of animal populations on behalf of other agencies.

Under the Division of Environmental Monitoring are deparments of: Environmental Monitoring and Research, Population Analysis and Monitoring, and Bird Ringing and Palynology.

Departments within the Division of Environmental Monitoring

The Division of Engagement

The department is tasked with the responsibility for activities aimed at the museum's audience, including the visitor experience. The department further handles the planning and coordination of internal and external communication. The department also has the coordination responsibility for Cosmonova.

Under the Division of Engagement are departments of: Exhibitions and Learning, Communication, and Visitor Experience.


The division is responsible for common administrative functions and serves as support to the museum's other operations. The department ensures that the museum's employees comply with laws and agreements within administrative areas of responsibility. The department also handles the coordination of accessibility issues with support from the public department. The head of the division is responsible for contact with the Riksmusei Vänner association and liaisons with the Fossilen restaurant.

Research Division

The division has five departments that conduct research and are responsible for collections in bioinformatics and geneti...

Division of Environmental Monitoring

The division has three departments responsible for environmental analysis and research, population analysis and populati...

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