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Europe´s leading centers for systematics-related research secured continued EC funding during 13 years. SYNTHESYS3 came to an end on 31 August 2018.


SYNTHESYS delivered more than 50,000 User Days to more than 4,000 scientists based at European institutes to access collections and facilities with support from in-house researchers and curators. The consortium currently works on a successor project in the scope of HORIZON2020.


Thee will be no further calls for applications under FP 7- SYNTHESYS programmes.

The SYNTHESYS consortium is working on an application for HORIZON2020 funding, but even if successfull, there will unfortunately be a gap of more than one year.

Stay tuned! Please visit SYNTHESYS main web pageexternal link for further developments, and read about SYNTHESYS scientists and their researchopens in new window.

Who can apply for an EU-funded visit to NRM?

We invite scientists conducting their research in the member or associated states of the European Community to apply for support: Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark (incl Greenland and the Faroes), Estonia, Finland, France (incl Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyane, La Réunion), Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Moldova, Republic of Serbia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and United Kingdom.



For further information, please contact:

Irene Bisang
SYNTHESYS Project Manager; SE-TAF leader 
Naturhistoriska riksmuseet                                     
P.O. Box 50007
104 05 Stockholm, Sweden

Phone: + 46 8 519 541 30


Follow SYNTHESYS at Facebookexternal link, opens in new window

The project

Twenty partner institutions from 12 European countries, including the Swedish Museum of Natural History (NRM), form SYNTHESYS, and offer coordinated access to their vast natural history collections, state-of-the art analytical facilities and libraries and qualified support from in-house researchers and curators. On the SYNTHESYS main web (link below) you can read more about the facilities on offer.

The institutions also co-operate in Network activities to improve the collections’ management, long-term preservation and accessibility, and to secure the impact of the work undertaken beyond the life of the SYNTHESYS project. A Joint research activity develops tools to enhance the quality of and increase access to digitalized collections and data within Natural History institutions.

SYNTHESYS was initiated by CETAF and is funded by the European Union’s Research Seven Framework Program (Infrastructure Activity, Grant no. 312253). The project is coordinated by The Natural History Museum in London.

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​What does the grant offer?

NRM provides access to its extensive and scientifically important biological, paleontological and geological collections and advanced analytical facilities. Grants are typically for short visits of ca 3 weeks. You apply hereexternal link, opens in new window with a proposal that is assessed by a committee based on scientific quality. The grants cover research costs, international travel, accommodation, a Per Diem contributing towards living costs, and logistical support while at NRM. Participation is free of charge.


From 2004 to 2016, the three incarnations of SYNTHESYS so far, scientists who have been granted SYNTHESYS support have published over 2,000 research outputs to date.