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Artem Kouchinsky, publikationer

Peer-reviewed articles:

1. Kouchinsky, A.V. 1994. Ichnofossils of the Manykay Formation (Lower Cambrian) in northwestern Anabar Uplift. Bulletin of the Naturalist Society of Moscow, Geological series 69(4),55-62. (In Russian).
2. Kouchinsky, A. 1999. Shell microstructures of the Early Cambrian Anabarella and Watsonella as new evidence on the origin of the Rostroconchia. Lethaia 32, 173-180.
3. Kouchinsky, A., Bengtson, S. & Gershwin, L. 1999. Cnidarian-like embryos associated with the first shelly fossils inSiberia . Geology 27(7),609-612.
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6. Kouchinsky, A. 2000b. Skeletal microstructures of hyoliths from the Early Cambrian of Siberia. Alcheringa 24, 65-81.
7. Kouchinsky, A., Bengtson, Missarzhevsky, V., Pelechaty, S., Torssander, P. & Val'kov, A. 2001. Carbon isotope stratigraphy and the problem of a pre-Tommotian Stage inSiberia . Geological Magazine 138(4), 387-396.
8. Feng, W., Xinan M. & Kouchinsky, A. 2001. Hyolith-type microstructure in a mollusc-like fossil from the Early Cambrian of Yunnan, China. Lethaia 34, 303-308.
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11. Kouchinsky, A., Bengtson, S., Pavlov, V., Runnegar, B., Val´kov, A. & Young, E. 2005. Pre-Tommotian age of the lower Pestrotsvet Formation in the Selinde section on the Siberian platform: Carbon isotopic evidence. Geological Magazine 142, 319-325.
12. Donoghue, P.C.J., Kouchinsky, Waloszek, D., A., Bengtson, S., Dong, Xi-ping, Val´kov, A.K., Cunningham, J., & Repetski, J.E. 2006. Fossilized embryos are widespread but the record is temporally and taxonomically biased. Evolution & Development 8, 232-238.

Peer-reviewed conference contributions:

1. Kouchinsky, A.V. 1996. Evolution and palaeoecology of early Cambrian mollusc-like organisms. All-Russian symposium "Enigmatic organisms in evolution and phylogeny", Palaeontological Institute, Moscow, Abstracts, pp. 44-46. (In Russian).
2. Kouchinsky, A.V. & Bengtson, S. 1998. Tetraradiate embryos and triradiate shells - cnidarian arithmetics in the earliest Cambrian. Geological Society of America 1998 Annual Meeting, Abstracts with Program 30:7, p. A-232.
3. Kouchinsky, A.V. 1999. Skeletal microstructures of anabaritids, hyoliths and some mollusks from the Early Cambrian of Siberia. European Union of Geosciences 1999 Annual Meeting (10),Strasbourg(France), Abstracts 28,p. 264.
4. Kouchinsky, A.V. 2000. Carbon isotopic excursions and the problem of a pre-Tommotian Stage inSiberia . Wiman Meeting, UniversityofUppsala, Abstracts, pp. 13-14.
5. Kouchinsky, A.V., Bengtson, Missarzhevsky, V.V., Pelechaty, S. M., S., Torssander, P.  & Val'kov, A.K. 2000. Carbon isotopic excursions and the problem of a pre-Tommotian Stage inSiberia . Geological Society of America 2000 Annual Meeting, Abstracts with Program 32:7, p. A-300.
6. Kouchinsky, A.V. 2003. Oscillations of ?18O in Cambrian carbonates from the Siberian
Platform and their utility as paleoenvironmental proxy. NASA Astrobiological Institute General Meeting, Abstracts, pp. 379-380.
7. Bengtson, S. & Kouchinsky, A.V. 2004. The “Clover animal" - spearhead of the Cambrian revolution. Geological Society of America 2004 Annual Meeting, Abstracts with Program 36:5, p. 522.
8. Vendrasco, M. J., Porter, S. M.,  Kouchinsky, A.V., Li, G. & Fernandez ,Ch. Z. 2006. Mores hell microstructures in Cambrian molluscs. GSA Abstracts with Programs 38, No. 7.

Overview articles, book chapters, books:

1. Kouchinsky, A. 2000. Molluscs, hyoliths, stenothecoids, and coeloscleritiphorans. In A.Yu. Zhuravlev & R. Riding (eds): The ecology of the Cambrian radiation, 326-349. ColumbiaUniversity Press.
2. Kouchinsky, A.V. 2001. Puti sovershenstvovaniya stratigraficheskikh skhem pogranichnykh otlozhenij venda i kembriya. [Development of stratigraphic schemes for the Vendian-Cambrian boundary beds.]. In Y. B. Gladenkov & K. I. Kuznetsova (eds) Puti detalizatsii stratigraficheskikh skhem i paleogeograficheskie rekonstruktsii, pp. 28-51. Moscow: GEOS. (in Russian)

Preprints, manuscripts submitted:

1. Kouchinsky, A., Bengtson, S., Val´kov, A., Kutygin, R. & Feng, W. Early Cambrian anabaritids fromSiberia . Journal of Systematic Palaeontology.
2. Kouchinsky, A., Bengtson, S., Pavlov, V., Runnegar, B., Torssander, P., Young, E. & Ziegler, K. Carbon and oxygen isotope profiling through the Vendian-Cambrian Sukharikha River section, northwestern Siberian platform. Geological Magazine.