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Jenny Smedmark

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In press

  • Smedmark, J. E. E., T. Eriksson, and B. Bremer. Allopolyploid evolution in Geinae (Colurieae: Rosaceae) - building reticulate species trees from bifurcating gene trees. Organisms Diversity & Evolution.
  • Smedmark, J. E. E. Recircumscription of Geum L. (Colurieae: Rosaceae). Botanische Jahrbücher.


  • Smedmark, J. E. E., U. Swenson, and A. A. Anderberg. Accounting for variation of substitution rates through time in Bayesian phylogeny reconstruction of Sapotoideae (Sapotaceae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution.


  • Smedmark, J. E. E. The evolutionary history of Geum (Rosaceae, Colurieae) - a study of ancient allopolyploid speciation. Department of Botany, Stockholm university, Sweden.


  • Smedmark, J. E. E., T. Eriksson, R. C. Evans, and C. S. Campbell. Ancient allopolyploid speciation in Geinae (Rosaceae): Evidence from nuclear granule-bound starch synthase (GBSSI) gene sequences. Systematic Biology 52: 374—385.


  • Smedmark, J. E. E. and T. Eriksson. Phylogenetic relationships of Geum (Rosaceae) and relatives inferred from the nrITS and trnL-trnF regions. Systematic Botany 27: 303—317.