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T-bana: Universitetet
Frescativägen 40

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Måndag–söndag 10–18
t.o.m. 21 augusti

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Alica Košuthová



Tel: +46 -7342195555


Master Degree in environmental science by Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia, 2004.

Ph.D. in Biology by the Slovak Academy of Science, Bratislava, Slovakia, 2013.


I work on the evolution, ecology and systematics of lichen symbioses. Currently, I am interested on lichens with cyanobacterias as photobiont. I use modern genomics with traditional morphological methods to evaluate delimitation on species and generic level. I am also very interested in the diversity of Scandinavian's lichens and as an expert on genus Cladonia and becoming expert on family Collemataceae I would be able to discuss the questions with conservation importance in the future.


2017-2019 - Post-doctoral associate, Swedish Taxonomy Initiative "Collemataceae och Placynthiaceae i Sverige".


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