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T-bana: Universitetet
Frescativägen 40

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Tisdag-fredag 10-17
Lördag-söndag 10-18

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Tips for families

Come and experience an outdoor exhibition! Or go outside and get some air after visiting the museum’s indoor exhibits!

Try out the Barefoot Path or putter around in the Green Corner. At Grow the City, there’s plenty for visitors of all ages to discover!

Research shows that children who spend time in nature feel better and develop physically, emotionally and intellectually, while also becoming more involved in taking care of nature.

Grow the City is designed to be a place where the city and nature meet. The exhibition presents various examples of how we can invite nature into the city. The goal of this year’s exhibition is to provide insight into how crucial it is to incorporate nature into city life.

Street-Smart Farming

Ulrika Flodin Furås. Foto: Elin Hallin

Ulrika Flodin Furås, an urban farming expert, on how to make “street-smart” urban farming choices

More about the exhibition

Frida Samuelsson

Read more about the exhibition!

What’s the most fun?

Barn med pumpa

Children give their tips on what’s the most fun at Grow the City!