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Fossils and Evolution

Elever i utställningen Fossil och Evolution.

Now, more animals has come to Fossils and Evolution, our amazing exhibition of life on Earth. The dinosaurs are back!

Over millions of years, life forms vary in appearance. Species evolve and become extinct. Continents move and volcanoes spew out their gases. At times it is hot, other times it is ice cold.

All such changes have influenced the forms that life takes on Earth today. Our planet continues to change, and humans with it.

Tyrannosaurus rex-skelett. Foto: Annica Roos

Tyrannosaurus rex was one of the last dinosaurs that existed.

Before the dinosaurs, and after

How did the first cells evolve? And the dinosaurs, the flowers and the birds? Learn about the huge dragonflies and tiny primeval worms. Find out how the moon was formed and what similarities there are between chickens and dinosaurs.

Children who discover a footprint in the exhibition Fossils and Evolution.

The new, permanent exhibition Fossils and Evolution, and a story of animals and plants that have come and gone during the history of Earth. The exhibition contains lots of models and fossils, and it is updated with the latest research, presented in a whole new way.

Welcome to deepen your knowledge of the history of life! 

Den sovande dinosaurien i utställngen Fossil och Evolution.

Look, it's moving!

The exhibition website, nrm.se/foeexternal link, opens in new window

On this site you will find everything displayed in the exhibition tablets. Here are all the all the descriptions of all fossils and animal models, and you can immerse yourself in the different time periods, at the exhibition with your smart phone, or at home on the couch.

nrm.se/foeexternal link, opens in new window

Fossile ammonites. Photo: Annica Roos

Experience lots of beautiful fossils. Here ammonites, a squid-like ocean animal. Their shells varied greatly in shape.