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T-bana: Universitetet
Frescativägen 40

Ordinarie öppettider:
Tisdag-fredag 10-17
Lördag-söndag 10-18

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Bild av museets byggnad i kvällsmörker men med upplysta fönster. Foto: Bengt Olofsson

A Night at the museum

Kick off the autumn break with a night at the museum in the beam of a flashlight. Movie premiere of Superpower dogs! The museum is free to visit.

See the exhibitions in the beam of a flashlight

Bring a flashlight and visit the animals. Are you brave enough to walk around amongst wolfes, bats and the mountain cave?

Dress up for Halloween! Best costume wins a price.

Museets byggnad på kvällen, en varg i förgrunden som blinkar. In kommer tre fladdermöss farande och åker ut till vänster.
Ett utklätt barn lyser in i montern med vargar med en ficklampa.

Thrilling visit in the dark exhibit with flashlights. Listen! – Can you guess which animals break the silence in the moonlight? For all the brave children and adults.

Två nattvakter på museet, den ena med en stor nyckelknippa.

If you get lost, the night guard is here to help you.

Hunden Henry sitter i skyddsglasögon på en snöig bergstopp.

Premiere of the new film Superpower dogs! Get tickets below.

En vitsminkad kvinna ohc två barn i trollhattar.

Wear a costume! Together we will create the best start of the autumn break.

For the younger ones

Bring a flashlight!
Bring a flashlight and look out for the night guard in the exhibitions. Are you brave enough to go and visit the animals sleeping in the darkness? Listen to how the Wolfes howles or find glearing crystals. Visit the exhibitions Swedish nature, life in water and treasures from the earth’s interior in the dark.

Movie premiere
don’t miss the premiere of Cosmonova’s new movie Superpower dogs! Or the chance to see old favorites! You can find more information about the films below. 

For adults

Tasty food and beverages in our restaurant Fossilen, and the café.
The restaurant serves dinner and soup, sandwiches and snacks. The café offers sandwiches and lighter foods.

Opening hours: The restaurant and the café is open from 5pm to 9:30pm. Dinner is served until 8:30pm.

Visit the new exhibit: Microsculpture
Our new photo exhibition Microscuplture portrays very small insects in a very large scale.

The museum shop is open

Bring a memory home. We have toys, stuffed animals, books and much more.

Fladdermus i en flaska med sprit ur museets samlingar. Foto: Marcus Kurn

Bats are shown at the museum entrence. Foto: Marcus Kurn

En affish för filmen Superpower dogs med hund i snöstorm iklädd skyddsglasögon,


Did you know that there are real life superheroes? Join us on an amazing journey and get to know our best friends in a new way.Join an immersive adventure to experience the life-saving superpowers and extraordinary bravery of some of the world’s most amazing dogs.

Film Facts

Age recommendation: 4+ years old

About 45 minutes

The film is new

Film-affisch: Born to be wild


Meet Dr. Beruté Galdika and Dame Daphne Sheldrick, who devoted their lives to protecting and assisting orphaned orangutans and elephants in the Borneo rainforest and on Kenya's savanna.
Their goal is to rescue these endangered animals in order to finally be able to return them to their natural environment.

Film Facts

Age recommendation: 4+ years old

About 40 minutes

The film is from year 2011

Affisch för korallernas värld.


Discover some of the world's largest and most beautiful coral reefs - the Great Barrier Reef, the mysterious deep-sea corals at Fiji and Tahiti, and the shark-filled reefs at the Rangiroa Atoll.
Join the diving team Howard and Michele Hall and explore these important but vulnerable and fragile ecosystems. If we don't take care of them, they can be extinct in 30 years!

Film Facts

Age recommendation: 7+ years old

About 40 minutes

The film is from year 2006

Bild på mat och dryck i kupolbaren inuti museet.

The restaurant Fossilen, and the Café is open and serves dinner, snacks and beverages for adults and younger ones.

En tallrik med soppa!

Can we tempt you with a warm delicious soup?

En restauranganställd i skeletthandskar bakom en tallrik med smörgåsar.

Fun autumn break feeling in the restaurant and the Café.

Music and atmosphere

Museets  kupol i belysning.

The lighting and the music creates a mystical and fun atmosphere.

The museum shop

Why not treat yourself to something from our shop? We have a great selection for adults as well as little ones.

bilden visar en rad olika produkter som säljs i butiken, gosedjur dominierar.

A stuffed animal is the perfect present. Our favourite is Rexie!