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Ulf Jondelius



Phone:+46 (0)8 519 540 51
E-mail: ulf.jondelius@nrm.se

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PhD. University of Gothenburg, 1992


Invertebrate Zoology research. Teaching (responsible for master’s level courses in Systematic Zoology and Animal Diversity - Invertebrates at Stockholm University). head of Systematics and Evolution division at the Department of Zoology, Stockholm University. Coordinator for the Nordic master programme for biodiversity and systematics (NABIS) at Stockholm University.

Research Interests

Evolution, phylogeny and diversity in several groups of marine microscopic animals (Xenacoelomorpha, Platyhelminthes). These groups play a key role for our understanding of animal evolution and of the emergence of complex animal anatomies. Genomic and morphological data are used to reconstruct their phylogeny and morphological evolution. An important part of my research is taxonomic studies to document the very poorly known diversity of especially Xenacoelomorpha. I conduct fieldwork in various sites all around the world together with colleagues from e.g. Belgium, Italy, Norway, Russia and USA. My research received financial support from Vetenskapsrådet, The Swedish Taxonomy Initiative , and the European Union.

Popular site about the animals we study, photos, videos and short texts: https://www.facebook.com/acoelomorpha/external link

Scientific site with classification and specimen data:http://acoela.myspecies.infoexternal link


Projekt I. The first worms. Phylogeny and evolution in early Bilateria

Projekt II. Macrostomorpha of Sweden: diversity and taxonomy.


Other professional roles

Chair of the Swedish Systematists Association 2014

Chair of the Scientific Committe for Biosyst.euexternal link 2017