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Sarah Atherton

Dr., Postdoc


Phone:+46 (0)766 519 817
E-mail: sarah.atherton@nrm.se

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BSc. Colorado State University, USA, 2008

PhD. University of Massachusetts, USA, 2015



Research Interests

I am primarily interested in taxonomy, biogeography and cryptic speciation of meiofauna, i.e. small (<1 mm) invertebrate animals. These tiny animals are surprisingly unknown and often overlooked in studies of local, regional and global biodiversity, but they are among most abundant animals on the planet. My current focus is on Macrostomorpha, a group composed of freeliving flatworms that enhabit marine, brackish and freshwaters all over the world, and I have previously worked on gastrotrichs, nematodes, rotifers, and tardigrades. Overall, it is my goal to help increase awareness in the scientific community and the general public of these small animals and their diverse, unique bodyplans and lifestyles.